We all admire the wisdom of people

who come to us for advice - Authur Pelps.

Helping bring God's light to the world.

The Psychic Café is your online psychic source.  We are located in the Halifax and Dartmouth area but offer phone readings to anyone in any location.

At the Psychic Café, we offer you a spiritual reading that will leave you feeling loved and motivated to make the changes in your life you so desire.  Our readings help you deal with the challenges of life's journey.  We will tell you what your opportunities are in the way of Love, Children, Health, Career Opportunities, Travel and other life experience to help you prepare for your life journey.

To book your reading call Steve at 434-8255 .  If you prefer a telephone reading, (Tarot and Numerology) click the pay-pal link from the Psychic Menu for the reading you desire and email or call Steve  at 1-902-434-8255 to  book your reading time and date.

Is there  love in your future?  Don't delay, call Steve right now!  Steve does readings in his home for only $50 per reading.  The reading takes approximately 45 minutes  to an hour and  will leave you feeling lifted and inspired to conquer your every challenge.

Questions?  Contact Us - Just click the contact us link and complete the form.  We will get right back to you!!

Steve is located at 12 Stevens Road in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Call for directions with your booking!

Steve Bell - Manager

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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada


In love and light to all who visit. 

With deepest thanks.

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