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Steve's Bio - Steve remembers his first psychic prediction coming at age 4. Since then, many occurrence's of channeling and mediumship have occurred to him throughout his life. Steve specializes in Tarot Cards, Numerology, Palmistry, Psychometry, Medical Intuitive and Mediumship. He has been doing personal readings and giving messages from Spirit for over 25 years. 

A reading with Steve will consist of a Numerology Reading which will tell you your life path, destiny, hearts desire and the different challenges you will face on your path throughout your life journey. Your palm reveals many aspects of your path including love relationships, children, travel, retirement, and health readings. Steve will also do a 12 month Tarot Card spread that will reveal‚ future events leading up to the next year. If you have any spirits around you that wish to communicate, Steve will let you know who they are what they have to say. Steve only gives messages of light! He will not tell you anything negative in your readings, only the challenges that you may face according to how you are creating your path. Book your reading with Steve now!! 434-8255

Phone: 902-434-8255
Email: admin@psychiccafe.ca

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