Hi Steve!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading and for sharing your insight

this afternoon.  It will be a day I will always remember.  I continue to

feel so much better and more inspired.  Thank you also for your cleansing

and wonderful healing.  Valerie

Thank you Steve-you are a star and I know I met you for a reason:)  Cheers,  Meg 

Hi Steve..

it was SUCH a pleasure to meet you and get the reading. I got so much more of our meeting then just the reading. thank you for your guidance and encouragement. I really needed to hear about the 'retraining' of my subconcious and I did what you suggested and put ' I love me' affirmations all over my house and have been saying that and 'my body functions perfectly and harmoniously' every morning in the mirror. I will see you again and you will see how much better I am feeling. thanks again.  Love and Light to you


Hello Steve.

I don't know how to thank-you for your kindness

you are truly a wonderful gifted man. With amazing energy we were so very pleased with our day. Again in total awe of your gifts.  Thank-you again. Sarah

Hi Steve,

It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday. Boy you can make a person feel good about themselves...thank you.   You really helped me to see things more clearly.  I feel like a lot of things that I felt about myself are true.   Jody

Hi Steve,

Just a quick note of thanks for the reading you did on April 4th for my Mom, my Sister and myself at Bishops Landing in Halifax. We have a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.  Angela


Thank you very much for taking this time to read my email and to address my thoughts and concerns. I look forward to hearing back from you. if you think what I require is another session with you , then please tell me so and book me in my friend. I would like nothing more then to spend some time in your company, your a wonderful man, with a kind kind soul, that shows right thru.
 take care Steve............Kim

Hi Steve,
I had a reading from you back in July at a party that my cousin had. When reading the tarot cards, you had excitedly pointed out that I would be starting a relationship in August, and you had asked me to email you WHEN it happened. Well, of course, it did, hence the email, and now, we are currently in a long distance relationship. But I also want to include that everything else you picked up on in my reading has also happened, leaving me completely inspired. Thank you again for your inspiring reading! Hope to have one again!


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