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Phone: 902-434-8255
Email: admin@psychiccafe.ca

Choose the reading you want, Click on the PayPal link below and email Steve to make arrangements for payment!   If you would prefer e-transfer, simply email Steve at stbell@psychiccafe.ca or stbell50@me.com to make the payment!

Mediumship: - $60.00 .

30 minute reading connecting to spirit.

Appetizers: - $40.00 Phone reading only

A 20 minute reading with Steve using Tarot and

Angel Cards to answer your questions over the phone.

Psychic Salad Bar: - $50.00 Phone Reading only

A 30 minute reading with Steve which will cover

Numerology and 12 month Tarot Reading.

Main Course: - $60.00  In Person Only!

A  45 min  to 1 hour reading with Steve.  In this

reading, Steve will cover your Numerology chart,

do a palmistry reading and a 12 month tarot card


Psychometry Readings - $25.00  Phone or email only.

Want to know how someone is doing?  Give Steve

a name and he will do a billet to tell you all about

that person.  This is Psychometry!  Steve mainly picks

up on the persons health and emotional state and