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Phone: 902-434-8255
Email: admin@psychiccafe.ca

Online Readings and Phone Readings.

Online/Phone Readings

The Psychic Café offers every client the opportunity to get readings in person, by telephone or online.  By providing the Readers with your full name at birth and your date of birth, your reading can be calculated and provided over the telephone or online.   We use Tarot Cards, Numerology, Astrology Charts, Spiritual Mediumship and Psychometry to do your reading.

If you would like to have your reading by phone or email, simply call us at 434-8255 to set up an appointment for your phone reading, or email us at admin@psychiccafe.ca for your email reading.  Don't hesitate, this is the best deal in town by gifted psychics!

Just go to the Psychic Menu to book your reading today!